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Doctor Who Matt Smith animation

2009-09-02 08:14:10 by munchmed

i made this to maybe give a look at what Matt Smith's Doctor who might be like

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My friend made this film.
His flashes are bright and jolly with great characters. Please enjoy his new cartoon.

The Crystal of Life

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Please enjoy!
and possibly comment on the video itself

Matthew Menhenick work

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Lablue meets Lagreen.

Tell me what ya think!
I like to call this A LAZYMATION
Made for fun in a short amount of time

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New comedy series episode! please enjoy. 2 film makers

2009-05-09 06:17:31 by munchmed

Me and the team have come up with a two part episode in our longish running series, The Silver Screen Series. 2 film makers are desperate to get their talent out there but somewhere gets in their way
This is the result
Part 1

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<Part 1 pB9Y

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New Gorillaz DEMOS

2009-01-24 06:25:00 by munchmed

Damon Albarn released them with Jamie and Murdoc on BBC radio 1.
so have a listen!!
- eclipse

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-broken IUYo
- electric shock JMzA&feature=related
and style/binge rJZg&feature=related

i like broken and electric shock

KILLED on Christmas Day

2008-12-21 16:18:47 by munchmed

a sense of loss came over me this christmas
as i killed off my main character

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Will be better quality on my website

and of course you can watch it on newgrounds as well :)

now here is a beautiful animation with... omg voice acting from me.

this film is by matthew menhenick at
He dont have a newgrounds

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Catchya later
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David Tennant, Catherine Tate, DRWHO and a whole lot of cheese

2008-11-23 06:43:58 by munchmed

ok here is a dr who cartoon i made when i heard catherine tate would be the new companion, please enjoy


oh yeh and if anyone knows why 'this movie' is getting a lot of views, can you please tell me

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It is not amazing, nor is it incredible.
Or is it?
Check out my latest animation, The Incredibly Amazing man on NOOGRUNDS.COM WHICH IZ WHERE YOU ARE HAZAH
I have a feeling newgrounds should make it so the titles of our films can be longer.
I had to shorten this one down to 'The Incredible Man.'

Long names are FUN
as well as short names.
Middle sized names are just pathetic

And now for a lesson in names: Names to have something to do with your film are PERFECT
The Incredibly Amazing Man everyone! PLEASE ENJOY

And right here is my newest live action, GOSSIP ON THE SILVER SCREEN FUNESS.
The funess is not not part of the title.
Please enjoy me playing a lot of me me
and me

The Daily Crumb (

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-The Daily Crumb
If so please let me know)

i heard some gossip about someone... CAKE LONG TITLES AND INCREDIBLENESS

The Incredibly Amazing Man

2008-10-18 10:59:58 by munchmed

New short animation! go and vote :D