Daleks,Doctor Who and music and other cool stuff

2011-09-23 14:12:03 by munchmed

Hi guys!
Thought I'd give you some cool stuff I've made and found!!!!

Ready for some FUN? OF COURSE YOU ARE. Put your hats on the hat stand because you are in for a ride!! And remember to detach your toilets and bring them closer to the computer you so can just go whenever you want.

Dalek Animation

A Dalek cartoon my girlfriend and I made a few days ago in WIDESCREEN

Here is a brilliant song by an up and coming musician i know called
Anna in the Aviary

Here is an emotional story told through the power of THE SIMS 3
(By my Girlfriend) It has Gorillaz El Manana in it! :O

and last but not least my best friends new animated episode from his animated youtube series LILLIUM. In this episode bombs go off and cause a LOT OF TROUBLE IN LILLIUM

- Nathan Viney

Daleks,Doctor Who and music and other cool stuff


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2011-09-23 21:06:09

God I love Doctor Who. ^_^ Nice work.